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In view of the latest development of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019 n-CoV) situation, to uphold general public‘s health and safety, Dharma Drum Singapore has decided to temporarily stop most of our activities (including religious assembly, classes, talks and group practices) with immediate effect until End February 2020. Please refer to details in the table appended.

Let us vow to practise diligently during this challenging period and dedicate the merits generated to the deceased & pray for their good rebirth in 净土 (Pure Land).

May all sentient beings remain calm both in body and mind. Let us chant NaMoGuanShiYin PuSa often and strive to build a pure land on Earth.

1. With immediate effect until End February, Dharma Drum Singapore events‘ status as follows: 

活动类别 活动名称 备注
法会 a) 新春普佛法会
b) 法鼓传灯法会
c) 2020法鼓山菩萨戒
活动 「禅心默照」禅修讲座 请点击 线上直播(Facebook)14 Feb 7pm
课程 a) 儿童故事花园(2月份课程)
b) 乐活悅曲初级班
c) 茶禅主人培训
a) 取消
b) 取消
c) 照常
共修 禅坐、念佛、菩萨戒诵戒会、生命关怀练习、钞经、经典共修、各项读书会等 暂停
共修 晚课 不对外开放

2. We will not offer food and drink.

3. The centre and office opening hours will be 9am to 5pm.

You may like to register your interest with Gov.sg for the latest update of the 2019 novel coronavirus.

法鼓山新加坡护法会 敬启

Dharma Drum Singapore

法师开示 Teachings

How Karma Manifests?

Generally speaking, when one engages in negative actions (the cause), one will reap negative results (the effect). This is the causal result of bad karma. Correspondingly, when one engages in virtuous actions, one will reap virtuous results.

The Lesson of the Heart Sutra

The real point of the Buddhist way is not just to understand suffering, but also to see the emptiness of suffering. We can use the teaching of the five skandhas to clarify the different dimensions of suffering, to realize the empty nature of the skandhas, and thereby to transcend our own suffering.

Who Is a Bodhisattva?

For any Buddhist practitioner, the ultimate purpose of practice is to attain complete enlightenment or Buddahood. To achieve this very lofty goal, we work to cultivate wisdom and accumulate merit, and through this practice we are able to benefit both ourselves and others.